Belmont Pioneer is proud to showcase a complete collection of door and cabinet hardware from renowned brands such as Emtex, Baldwin, Ashley Norton, and Rocky Mountain in our showroom. We invite you to come and experience the sheer elegance, craftsmanship, and versatility that these brands have to offer. 

Our showroom displays feature a wide range of styles, finishes, and designs, allowing you to explore the perfect hardware solutions for your home or project. Whether you’re seeking timeless sophistication, modern aesthetics, or rustic charm, you’ll find the ideal hardware options to elevate your living spaces. 

We extend a warm invitation to visit our showroom, where you can touch, feel, and appreciate the quality and beauty of these distinguished hardware brands in person. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect door hardware that aligns with your style and needs. Come and discover the artistry and functionality that Emtex, Baldwin, Ashley Norton, and Mountain Hardware bring to your doors.

Entry - Tubular & Mortise

Entry door mortise hardware refers to a specific type of lockset installation commonly used in exterior doors, particularly entry doors. Unlike traditional cylindrical locksets, mortise locksets are installed within a deep, rectangular pocket or “mortise” cut into the edge of the door. This type of hardware typically includes a mortise lock body, which houses the internal mechanisms, such as the deadbolt and latch, and a trim or faceplate that provides the visible components on both the interior and exterior sides of the do

Dead Bolt

Entry door dead bolt hardware typically refers to the locking mechanism found in a door. The dead bolt is a component within the lock that interacts with a corresponding key to control the locking and unlocking of the door. This type of hardware is commonly used in residential and commercial entry doors, providing a simple yet effective means of securing access.

Passage Hardware

Passage hardware refers to a type of door hardware that is designed for interior doors where a locking function is not required. Unlike entry door hardware or privacy hardware, which typically include locks for security or privacy, passage hardware focuses on facilitating the free movement of people within a space. It is commonly used on doors such as hallway doors, closet doors, and other areas where locking is unnecessary.

Privacy Hardware

Privacy hardware is a type of door hardware specifically designed for interior doors where a degree of privacy is desired, but a high level of security is not necessary. This type of hardware is commonly used in spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms, where occupants seek a level of seclusion without the need for a key to secure the door. Privacy hardware typically includes a door knob, lever, or handle along with a locking mechanism that can be engaged from the inside.

Barn Hardware

Barn door hardware is a specialized set of components designed to facilitate the smooth operation of sliding barn doors. Unlike traditional swinging doors, barn doors are mounted on tracks and slide horizontally to open and close. Barn door hardware typically includes a track, rollers or wheels, and various mounting brackets.


Door hinges are essential hardware components that enable the movement and rotation of doors around a fixed point, allowing them to swing open and closed. Hinges consist of two interconnecting plates, commonly referred to as leaves, joined by a pin or rod, which serves as the axis of rotation. One leaf is attached to the door frame, while the other is affixed to the door itself.

Other Hardware

Belmont Pioneer also supplies cabinet and kitchen hardware to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of bath and kitchen and other spaces. Hardware includes knobs, pulls, draw sliders, cabinet hinges and more.  Visit our showroom to see first hand all the options, materials and designs available.

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