Windows & Skylights

Windows and skylights are integral elements in home design, offering a myriad of benefits that contribute to the overall well-being of homeowners and the aesthetics of the living space. Beyond their primary function of letting in natural light, these features enhance the ambiance of interiors, creating brighter, more inviting spaces. Properly positioned windows and skylights facilitate passive solar heating, contributing to energy efficiency and potentially reducing utility costs.

Awning/Hopper/Servery Windows

An awning window is a type of window that is hinged at the top and opens outward from the bottom. It is designed to resemble the style of an awning, with the window pane acting as the awning itself when opened. The hinge is typically located at the top of the window frame, and a crank or lever mechanism is often used to open and close the window.

Casement Windows

A casement window is a type of window that is hinged on one side and opens outward, typically operated with a crank or lever mechanism. This design allows the entire window sash to swing open like a door, providing a wide and unobstructed view when the window is fully opened.

Picture Windows

A picture window is a large, fixed window that is designed to frame an expansive view, allowing maximum natural light and an unobstructed panorama of the outdoors. Unlike operable windows, picture windows do not open or close and are intended to serve as a stationary architectural element, contributing to the aesthetics of a room while emphasizing views. These windows are often used to showcase scenic landscapes, gardens, or architectural features.

Slider/Glider Window

A slider window, also known as a sliding window, is a type of window that features one or more horizontally moving sashes. The sashes slide along a track horizontally to open and close the window. The most common configuration consists of two sashes, where one sash is fixed, and the other can slide horizontally over it. However, some slider windows have both sashes operable, allowing for flexibility in ventilation.  Slider windows open and close horizontally along a track. The sashes move parallel to each other, with one or both gliding to the side to create an opening.  Slider windows are known for their simple and easy operation. They often have a smooth gliding mechanism that allows for convenient opening and closing.

Double Hung Windows

A double-hung window is a traditional style of window with two vertically stacked sashes that can slide up and down independently within the window frame. Each sash typically has its own set of tracks and balances, allowing for both the upper and lower sashes to move. This design provides flexibility in ventilation, as the window can be opened either from the top or the bottom.

Bay/Bow Windows

Bay windows typically consist of a large central window flanked by two narrow windows on either side. The narrow windows are angled to extend beyond the exterior wall of the house, creating a three-dimensional view.

Bow windows also extend beyond the building’s outer surface but usually comprise four or more nearly identical windows. Consequently, bow windows have a curved effect rather than an angular one, requiring more space than a bay window.

Garden Windows

A garden window is a type of window that protrudes outward from the exterior wall of a building, creating a small greenhouse-like structure. It is typically found in kitchens and is designed to provide a space for indoor plants, herbs, or decorative items. Garden windows are known for their distinctive design, which often includes glass on multiple sides to maximize sunlight and create a mini-garden or display area within the home.


A skylight window, simply known as a skylight, is a window installed in the roof of a building to allow natural light to enter from above. Skylights are designed to bring sunlight into interior spaces, providing illumination and often enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a room. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be fixed or operable.

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