Fleetwood Exterior Doors

Fleetwood Windows and Doors, leads the way in delivering cutting-edge solutions for modern architecture. With over sixty years of expertise, they have earned a reputation for producing premium exterior doors  that seamlessly integrate into contemporary environments. Their unwavering dedication to quality and innovation is evident in each of our products. Emphasizing clean lines and expansive glass surfaces, their designs prioritize the use of natural light, fostering seamless indoor-outdoor transitions. Whether it’s sliding, swinging or pivot doors, their versatile product range caters to diverse architectural requirements. Sustainability is a core tenet of their philosophy, reflected in energy-efficient designs and advanced thermal technologies. Choosing Fleetwood means opting for precision engineering, meticulous attention to detail, and a legacy of excellence in the realm of modern architecture.


Fleetwood Exterior Doors

EDGE Collection

In crafting the EDGE Collection, Fleetwood meticulously examined European ‘thin line’ products, dedicating over three years to the design and refinement of the inaugural offerings: the EDGE |f| and the EDGE |s|. These extraordinary creations embody the precise fit, impeccable finish, and superior functionality demanded by Fleetwood and our discerning clientele. Notably, the EDGE |s| sliding door achieves a seamless ‘zero’ at both jambs, featuring exclusive luxury hardware for effortless operation. The EDGE |f| fixed window stands out with a concealed drainage system and minimal glass removal damage, distinguishing it from competing fixed systems. Meanwhile, the EDGE |p| pivot door impresses with expansive sizes, a water-rated flow-through sill, and the unique distinction of presenting a zero-edge appearance at the jambs. Tailored for contemporary residences with breathtaking views, these products feature ultra-thin sight lines, ensuring frames seamlessly blend into the surroundings. Each item is easily maintainable and comes with our industry-leading Transferable Lifetime Warranty.


Sliding Doors

Fleetwood’s reputation for excellence is evident in its sliding doors, celebrated for their streamlined design, flawless functionality, and panoramic views. Engineered with slender profiles and expansive glass panels, these doors establish a fluid link between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing abundant natural light to grace the interiors. Offering customizable features in terms of capabilities, finishes, and configurations, they seamlessly complement a range of architectural styles. Prioritizing energy efficiency, weather resilience, and effortless operation, these sliding doors guarantee both comfort and longevity. Fleetwood’s commitment to merging interior and exterior environments, coupled with a modern aesthetic, is exemplified by the superior performance of its sliding doors.



Pivot Doors

Fleetwood’s pivot door is a standout feature within their product lineup, designed to make a bold statement in modern architecture. The pivot door, often found in the EDGE Collection, offers a distinctive alternative to traditional hinged or sliding doors. What sets Fleetwood’s pivot door apart is its ability to pivot on a central axis, providing a smooth and striking entrance solution.

One notable feature of Fleetwood’s pivot door is its incredible size options, allowing for grand and impressive entryways. This makes it an ideal choice for contemporary homes and commercial spaces where a dramatic entrance is desired. Additionally, the water-rated flow-through sill ensures effective drainage, preventing water ingress and enhancing the door’s performance in various weather conditions.

One of the key design innovations is the zero-edge presentation at the jambs, a unique feature that sets Fleetwood’s pivot door apart from others on the market. This seamless integration contributes to the door’s modern and sophisticated aesthetic.

As with all Fleetwood products, the pivot door is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a perfect fit, impeccable finish, and superior functionality. The emphasis on quality, coupled with customizable options, allows architects and homeowners to tailor the pivot door to meet specific design preferences and architectural requirements.

Whether it’s the impressive size, water-rated flow-through sill, or the zero-edge presentation, Fleetwood’s pivot door is a testament to their commitment to innovation and excellence in modern door solutions.

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