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Milgard Windows and Doors is the leader in vinyl and aluminum window and door products. Milgard stands out in offering an industry-leading lifetime warranty that includes parts and labor. When you’re looking to buy or replace doors and windows, you can’t go wrong with Milgard® Windows and Doors. Our determination to be the industry’s best extends to everything we do. So when you want doors and windows that last, we’re the only place you need to look.

Trinsic Series V300 vinyl windows and patio doors


Milgard, a leading manufacturer of exterior doors, offers a range of patio door collections that combine style, functionality, and durability. Come see the Milgard collection at the Belmont Pioneer showroom. 


Tuscany® Series:

Features: The Tuscany Series is known for its premium vinyl construction, delivering a high level of energy efficiency. These doors come with a SmartTouch® handle for easy operation and a sleek, modern look.


Trinsic™ Series:

Features: The Trinsic Series offers a contemporary design with narrow sightlines, maximizing the view. These doors are made from durable vinyl and feature a clean, minimalist aesthetic.


Ultra™ Series:

Features: The Ultra Series patio doors are crafted from a durable fiberglass material, combining strength with a traditional wood look. They are known for their versatility, providing a low-maintenance solution.


Aluminum Series:

Features: Milgard’s Aluminum Series patio doors are characterized by their sleek, modern appearance and durable aluminum frames. They come in a variety of configurations, allowing for customization to suit your preferences.


Essence Series®:

Features: The Essence Series combines the beauty of natural wood on the interior with a durable fiberglass exterior. This collection provides the warmth of wood without sacrificing performance and durability.


Style Line® Series:

Features: The Style Line Series offers a narrow frame design, providing a contemporary and minimalist look. These doors are made of durable vinyl and are known for their affordability and energy efficiency.


Moving Glass Wall Systems:

Features: Milgard’s Moving Glass Wall Systems are designed to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. These expansive doors are available in aluminum and feature a smooth, easy-to-operate glide.


Essence Series® In-Swing French Patio Door:

Features: This collection features a traditional French door design with a swing-in operation. It combines the classic appeal of French doors with the durability of fiberglass and the option for a natural wood interior.

Milgard patio door collections cater to various preferences, from traditional aesthetics to modern design. Whether you prioritize energy efficiency, durability, or a seamless indoor-outdoor experience, Milgard offers a diverse range of options to enhance your living spaces.

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